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Our mission

TuLotero is a lottery application that allows you to play lottery anytime and anywhere.
It connects Internet users with lottery operators or retailers.

Who are we?

Born in 2015, TuLotero is a young and dynamic Spanish startup, specializing in lottery. The company acts as a transparent and secure e-retailer for the development of the operator and its lottery games.

TuLotero is a lottery app that lets you play the lottery whenever and wherever you want. It connects users to wherever an associated lottery operates.



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With a good rating on App store & Android, we always strive to improve the customer experience on our platform, according to the needs and requirements of our partner ‘operator.



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We are a company made up of hard working employees who work as a team and wish to contribute to the development of TuLotero.

Flexible &


Icon - Flexible & Innovative

We adapt to the needs of our partner operator. We put our technology at their services, helping any operator to achieve their objectives, with an innovative platform.



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TuLotero subscribes to a responsible gambling policy. It is important to provide a safe and healthy gaming environment for its players across the countries where we are present.


We share millionaire prizes among our players every day

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Key features - Security

Key features

100% Safe and Secure

TuLotero periodically successfully passes periodic checks and audits to ensure the security of systems and customers. The company uses 100% secure systems. TuLotero guarantees the security of banking transactions and all associated data, working exclusively with top-level banking, credit, and auditing entities. TuLotero complies with the strictest data protection regulations (Data Protection Agency). Its products, in accordance with legal regulations, are intended exclusively for adult users, the registration of minors under the age of 18 is not allowed.

TuLotero is a startup with an innovative, secure, and flexible platform that adapts to the regulations and laws of the areas in which it operates. Therefore, TuLotero strictly respects all local laws and legal regulations on lottery games in the countries where we are present. We put in place all the necessary measures for this.

An App high rated by users

TuLotero has more than 5,000,000 users in the international scene
Its average valuation has already exceeds 4.6 / 5 stars

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Our team

Software Development Engineers lead our team.
TuLotero is made up of programmers with more than 10 years of experience in the Mobile Applications Development for online betting and state lotteries.

Years of experience

Software engineers

Marketing & design

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C/José Abascal 44, 4

28035 Madrid Spain

NIF: B87261459

Tel: +34 91 282 53 53


Mexico Branch Office

Ignacio Ramírez 20 #101A Col Tabacalera

CP 0630 Delecación Cuauhtémoc Mexico

RFC: TME16062728A

Tel: 01 (55) 91838268